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A curated, and cursory, collection of my craft.

  • Hopmonk Tavern

    HopMonk Tavern is the place to celebrate a core Hopmonk objective: the enjoyment, celebration for, and appreciation of both the amazing quality and superb craftsmanship of really good beer.

  • Esker Creative

    Experiential web design for higher-ed communications. With over 30 years combined experience, Esker creates a lasting influence on future generations of online experiences.

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  • Give Black Foundation

    Charity begins at home. The Give Black Foundation promotes black philanthropy by developing resources that facilitate black giving. They nurture a culture of giving in which donors consciously support organizations with black beneficiaries.

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  • Moonlight Brewing

    Their goal has been to make the best tasting beer they can. They believe that traditional processes have a place in the modern brewery. While much of their protocol extends the time from kettle to glass, they continue to practice these long established techniques because the beer deserves it. Respected beer is tasty beer.

  • Wayfare Learning Community

    A Uganda-based vocational community. Wayfare is a non-profit jewelry design studio that works hand-in-hand with talented African crafters, shoe makers, jewelry designers and seamstresses to create unique, high quality and fashionable Africa-inspired products. They specialize in Handcrafted, Fair Trade, and Eco Friendly products.

  • GreenLeaf Express

    A Bay Area grass-roots company that offers their patients with some of the best medicine around. GreenLeaf Express’ founding members are comprised of passionate individuals with numerous years experience in the industry. The collective was created from the firm belief that medical marijuana can improve lives and provide therapeutic relief. Their mission is to provide the best possible experience while being in compliance with Prop 215 guidelines.

  • Somo Mountain Village

    SOMO Village is different. A home and work lifestyle focused on what matters most – high quality living and reinvented, flexible work spaces. It’s a community infused with nature, culture, comfort, innovation and technology. A place to inspire and enrich your life. It’s SOMO Living.

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  • Running On Om

    Running On Om is a podcast and blog dedicated to exploring the mind, body, and spirit connection created by Julia Hanlon, yoga teacher, runner, and student of life. Running On Om features Julia’s journey interviewing holistic pioneers, exploring plant based cooking, teaching yoga wherever she travels, and running anywhere she finds roads.

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  • Maine-Dartmouth Family Medicine

    MDFMR’s mission is simple, but highly effective: Educate physicians for a lifetime of competent, compassionate and personally satisfying practice. Improve the health of Maine people, with particular emphasis on rural areas and underserved populations. Promote the involvement of physicians in the life of the broader community.

  • Bates College

    Bates College, widely regarded as one of the finest liberal arts colleges in the nation, is a welcoming community whose members care deeply about the rigorous, challenging, and rewarding life of ideas and principles, and value their exchange and examination.

    Read more about the 2012 EduStyle Award-Winning Bates website (remember the good one?)here.

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  • Tramuto Foundation

    The Tramuto Foundation discover gaps in a given organization’s capabilities they may not have been able to see themselves – allowing organizations to achieve things that never dreamed possible. The result: donations ultimately have more impact and success.

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  • Syracuse University

    Syracuse University News is produced by the Office of News Services in the Division of Public Affairs.

    Syracuse University News is updated daily with stories about the people, events and scholarship occurring on campus, in the city of Syracuse, at regional locations throughout the country and across the globe.

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  • CP Thornton Guitars

    CP Thornton guitars are among the best in the world. Hand-crafted by Chuck Thornton in Sumner, Maine these guitars have a worldwide following. The sustain and punch of a CP Thornton solid body with the harmonic overtones of a hollow body creates a fantastically comfortable instrument.

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  • Ridgewood Bushwick Senior Citizen’s Council

    RBSCC of Brooklyn, New York, reflects the strong belief that comprehensive social services and continued community development is essential to properly address the multi-faceted problems of a low-income community. RBSCC continually implements effective strategies to provide the necessary resources to improve local living conditions.

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  • TheamUSA

    An American product for American concrete. After 30+ years in the making Theam manufactures a machine totally adapted to the rigors of an on-demand industry. Theam’s technical feats provide you with a quick, reliable, and profitable solution for concrete placing challenges!

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  • Scantic River Guitars

    Scantic River Guitar Company is focused on building custom lap-steel guitars for discerning professionals and serious amateurs. Scantic River meets the demands of Nashville session players, who are routinely called on to vary their playing styles and tone, often on a single date.

    A Scantic River Guitar is an evolutionary step for the instrument. It’s also a feast for the eyes and ears.

  • Energy Dynamics

    Energy Dynamics is a mechanical services company catering to the power generation industry. They offer the full gamut of industrial engine services, spanning overhauls, rebuilds, and control system upgrades.

    Their exceptional reputation is built on a fluency and understanding of a variety of fuel technologies and the engines powered by them.

    They are networked with a global supply chain for new and replacement engine parts of major domestic and European engine types.

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  • International Appalachain Trail

    The International Appalachian Trail/Sentier International des Appalaches began as a commitment between Maine and Provincial Canada to work together as neighbors to sustain a common environment and celebrate the grandeur of a common landscape.

    In North America the trail connects elements of the Appalachian Mountains, crossing rivers, threading through spruce and fir forests, joining the people and cultures of the state of Maine with Quebec and the Atlantic provinces.

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  • The Ballentine Group

    The Ballentine Global are experts in admission & financial aid, advancement, staff quality & collegiality, and alumni and parent engagement and communications with over three decades of improving admission and financial aid, advancement, staff quality, alumni engagement and marketing communications.

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I spend my own time single-speed mountain biking, trail running, road cycling, rock climbing, homebrewing, and nordic skiing. I currently live and work in the hardscrabble town of Midland, Texas with my wife Emily, daughters Cora and Sofia, and two dogs Daisy and Lupe.